Bodacious Labradors

Our Philosophy

SINCE 1998 we have been striving to continually improve the English Labrador breed through selective choices, combining beauty and intelligence with remarkable dispositions. Our success producing quality Labradors for the last 18 years comes from our careful research to find labs with exceptional pedigrees that are bred from the bloodlines of AKC Champions. All our dogs meet the breed standards and have great temperaments which makes them the perfect companion for your home. While a number of our dogs have won or placed in various dog shows our primary focus has always been and will be to produce the best English Labrador for families and children.

All pups from our June litters have gone to their furever homes. As a breeder this is always a sad time but a joyous one too because I know they all went to loving families and will be well taken care of. Thank you to all and welcome to the Bodacious Labradors family.

For those that did not have an opportunity to get a pup this time, we plan to have other breedings this upcoming Fall so check back for future updates.


Gotta share this!!

Two of Bodacious pups that recently left the nest and this was the update picture I was sent from their new owners!! Seriously can't stand the cuteness!!
Macy on the right and Bailey on the left. Love getting updates, love my Bodacious family!!